Privacy Policy

Information is saved for many years on your conventional e-mail.  This may be exposed to hacking or lost due to failure of service. By using ordinary email you are exposed to your personal information being hacked, stolen and misused whether your information is important or not. If something important on your conventional mailbox is stored, what can you do?

Using the temporary mail allows you to completely protect against loss of personal information. Your details: Information about your person and users with whom you communicate, IP-address, e-mail address, are completely confidential. Service does not store your IP-address at all. This means you are protected from all unauthorized actions that may endanger your information and compromise your privacy.

All emails and data temporarily stored on our service are permanently deleted. You can delete your temporary Email address at any time using the appropriate button "Delete" on the home page.

Your privacy is the highest priority for us. You need not concern yourself about your data. We will provide full protection. Access to your data will only be provided to you personally and only for the lifetime of the temporary email address.

We care about all our users.


Administration of this is site can make changes to this Privacy Policy.

Last edited: 20.04.2020